Monday, July 4, 2011

What I Do When I'm Not Blogging

If you're new around here, you probably don't know that I'm a violinist.

I just finished my Masters Degree in violin, and I'm now looking for jobs as a strings teacher in the public schools...with no luck yet.

Anyhow, before graduation I had to give an hour long solo recital. Just me. 60 minutes. I enjoyed it, but I was also really glad when it was over!

I was, however, in love with my recital dress!
(It was my younger sister's last prom dress, and I stole it from her...)

The best part of a recital (besides playing beautiful music, of course)? Enjoying the reception!

Afterwards, Daniel, my friend Stephanie, my sister Elizabeth, and I went to Stellar, a wine bar in downtown Greenville, and enjoyed drinks and dark chocolate fondue!



The Answer Is Chocolate said...

Congrats on your Masters Em and good luck on the job search. Thanks for sharing your special evening with us! You look gorgeous!

Watkins35 said...

Beautiful dress Em, fingers crossed for the job xx

Sarah B. said...

What a fun time! It's a gorgeous dress, too :)

Mandy [Mandipidy] said...

Who did your hair for your recital?? It's gorgeous!

Emily Spada said...

Beautiful dress :)

cb said...

you look sooo beautiful in that dress! i would love to hear you play! i am sure it sounds magical!


Oh, My Darling said...

You look stunning in your recital gown!