Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Dear Daniel

*Warning: Please excuse the extreme mushyness ahead.*


Dear Daniel,

I know it's only been about four months since we started dating, but I feel like I have spent some of the best moments of my life with you.

The long awkward silence when we met for the first time...but then we ended up talking for hours for the rest of the weekend.

You sending me "snow" for my birthday.

Ice skating by The Bean in Millennium Park in Chicago.

Seeing Chicago and kissing you from the top of the John Hancock Building.

You teaching me how to make latte art and the giggles that ensued.

You waiting for me and hugging me at the end of my first half marathon.

Stuffing our faces at Paula Deen's Restaurant on Valentine's Day.

Sharing my favorite coffee shop, Coffee Underground, with you.

Sitting in a swing by the Reedy River and talking about the future.

Watching the sunset from Caesar's Head.

Dancing with you at your cousin's wedding in Charleston.

Still getting butterflies when I look at you...

Thanks for sharing in our adventures! It's been a wonderful journey so far!

I love you.

Saturday, March 19, 2011

Giveaway {Coming Soon To You}

I've reached 50 blog followers!


I think I'll celebrate by treating myself to a cupcake. With sprinkles.

I think I'll help you celebrate with a giveaway from Emerging Em!

(Unless you want cupcakes, too...)

Be on the lookout soon!

And thank you for being such wonderful, lovely readers! I truly appreciate your comments, advice, and support!


Friday, March 18, 2011

Adventures in the South: Part Four

After all of our traveling, Daniel and I spent a few days at home in Greenville, and he got to meet my parents and sister. We took him out for some good ol' southern barbeque.

I also took him up to Caesar's Head, which has some spectacular views of upstate South Carolina.

We hiked down to this viewpoint and watched the sunset.

We then walked back through huge rocks to a higher viewpoint.

A gorgeous sunset over the mountains...

The next day, it was time for Daniel to go, and I really miss having him here in the south with me!

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Adventures in the South: Part Three

The day after the half marathon, Valentine's Day, Daniel and I stopped in Savannah again on our way back to Greenville.


We had lunch reservations at Paula Deen's restaurant, The Lady and Sons!

Much deliciousness (and butter) was had.

Just to make you a little more jealous, here are some pictures.

We browsed through Paula's store while we were waiting for the restaurant to open. Meanwhile, our stomachs were grumbling.

That's me in front of the restaurant!

Before the resataurant opens, this lady comes out and rings a dinner triangle while saying, "Come and get it!" And then they leave you hanging for 15 minutes...while your stomach is still grumbling.

We finally got called in, were shown to our table, and then made our way to the buffet.

Mountain o' fried chicken, anyone?

And here's me with my plate of goodness...

Before dessert arrived, I hear an "aww" coming from the restaurant. Huh? Oh. Those are for me?

Daniel had these gorgeous purple flowers delivered to our table along with Hiccups the bear. It was only slightly embarrassing...but mostly awesome.

And why yes, Daniel is, in fact, the best.

Dessert was also amazing. Paula knows what she's doing.

And here we are at our lovely table by the window!

We both agree that it was the best Valentine's Day ever!


Tuesday, March 15, 2011

New to Etsy

I recently listed some new items in the shop. Did you see them?

I added new hairpins in a variety of colors.

My favorite colors are Sky Blue...

...and Dusty Rose.

I also listed this Cream Rosette Hair Clip.

How about I give a discount to you lovely readers?

Use the code BLOGFRIENDS30 for 30% off your order from Emerging Em!

p.s. Discount code is good through March 22nd.

Sunday, March 13, 2011

13.1 {Miles That Is}

This is a long post. I warned you.

But this is also a post of which I am extremely proud.

I finished a half marathon. 13.1 miles.

(And there was no death. Or throwing up.)

To see why I did this, besides being completely crazy, read this post about Beth.

Daniel and I went to the Expo the day before the race before we headed to St. Augustine. I signed a large board with a note to Beth. These boards were later placed along Memorial Mile on the beach.

I chose the Inspire board because Beth was and always will be a huge inspiration in my life.

Here I am getting in line and trying to warm up. It was freezing and super early, but I was ready to help make a difference in the fight against breast cancer and to celebrate the life of an extraordinary woman.

The start line was full of excitement, with music to get us going, pink confetti flying everywhere, and over 10,000 runners!

This is a solid wall of people heading up and over the bridge...

Mile 2 took us over the Intracoastal Waterway - with the sun just rising and some stunning views.

Around Mile 5, we headed onto Jacksonville Beach for the Memorial Mile.

Mile 7 - over halfway there!

Mile 12. Evil. Evil. Hill.

I felt like dying or asking for a bike by this point, but I kept plugging along.

And here I am crossing the finish line! Daniel was waiting for me at the end to take pictures and give me a hug! It's such an exhilarating feeling to cross the finish line of a race!

I've thanked Daniel many times, but I don't think I can thank him enough for supporting me on this special and meaningful day!

According to Daniel, this is my best man pose yet.

Beth was with me the whole way.

This is my beautiful finishers' medal!

Daniel and I got to stay with a friend of mine on Amelia Island for the weekend, and on the day after the race, we got up early to go to the beach. Beth loved this beach, and I'm glad we got to go for a bit.

We then stopped in Savannah again on our way back to Greenville.

More on that later.