Monday, March 7, 2011

Adventures in the South: Part One

A few weeks ago, Daniel came to visit and traveled with me to my half marathon in Jacksonville.

After a performance with the Augusta Symphony, we stopped in Savannah on the way down. I had never been to Savannah and was really excited to explore!

There was the obligatory stop at Waffle House. Yes, I ate all of that. Don't judge.

(I was following the advice to up my carb intake before the race very seriously...)

Our first stop in Savannah was pizza at Vinnie Van Go Go's, which was recommended to me by Lindsay of Paint Me a Picture. Thanks for the awesome suggestion Lindsay! As you can tell from the picture below of me stuffing my face, we really enjoyed it!

We then explored the City Market and meandered in and out of several candy shops, munching on free praline samples.

I kindly offered to taste test this vat of chocolate, but the shop owners turned me down.

On River Street, we strolled along, peeking into shops and admiring the huge riverboats.

We bought some chocolate in one candy shop and decided to make our own chocolate and beer pairing at the pub next door. It's not as weird as it sounds my friends - it was actually quite good!

Our pairing? Butterfinger bark with Black and Tans.

Cutest picture ever?

We took a ride on the ferry at sunset and watched a gigantic ship go by.

The night ended with fish and chips, Shepherd's pie, and drinks at an Irish pub with a gorgeous view of the river and live Irish music. It was so nice to relax, listen to music, and enjoy each other's company!



Adam and Wendy said...

All the food in this post looks yummy!! :) And... the couple featured in this post is quite cute together! ;)

Clare B said...

a gastronomic weekend! I'd love to visit the southern states of the US some day - they look so different to the north-east where I spent some time a few years ago.

Mindy said...

Sounds like a blast!

Mandy [Mandipidy] said...

I love Savannah! Such a fun city. And I'm so glad that someone else can appreciate the waffle house... no one will eat there with me. Waffle date if/when we see each other in April?

Sandy a la Mode said...

we have a city market in kansas city too hehe!! but savannah does look gorg!!

Lindsay - Paint Me A Picture said...

What a fun trip! So glad y'all went to Vinni's. I would have been taking my carb intake super serious... as I do all the time :) hahahaha

Watkins35 said...

sounds like great fun (and great food!) hmmm, I'm rather hungry now x

Lisa said...

That looks like so much fun! The food looks delish as well! :)

cb said...

wow sounds like a great day! the chocolate and beer pairing sounds yummy! oh and shepherds pie is one of my favorites too :D

and to finish the day with a romantic ride on a ferry...soo nice!

glad you had a great time!


TLC said...

I love reading about your adventures! And I love St. Augustine :) thanks for sharing!

TLC said...

oops, St. Augustine was with regard to the next installment :)