Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Adventures in the South: Part Three

The day after the half marathon, Valentine's Day, Daniel and I stopped in Savannah again on our way back to Greenville.


We had lunch reservations at Paula Deen's restaurant, The Lady and Sons!

Much deliciousness (and butter) was had.

Just to make you a little more jealous, here are some pictures.

We browsed through Paula's store while we were waiting for the restaurant to open. Meanwhile, our stomachs were grumbling.

That's me in front of the restaurant!

Before the resataurant opens, this lady comes out and rings a dinner triangle while saying, "Come and get it!" And then they leave you hanging for 15 minutes...while your stomach is still grumbling.

We finally got called in, were shown to our table, and then made our way to the buffet.

Mountain o' fried chicken, anyone?

And here's me with my plate of goodness...

Before dessert arrived, I hear an "aww" coming from the restaurant. Huh? Oh. Those are for me?

Daniel had these gorgeous purple flowers delivered to our table along with Hiccups the bear. It was only slightly embarrassing...but mostly awesome.

And why yes, Daniel is, in fact, the best.

Dessert was also amazing. Paula knows what she's doing.

And here we are at our lovely table by the window!

We both agree that it was the best Valentine's Day ever!



gina luv said...

aww i love your posts about you and your adventures (cough) beau! :)gina

Ms. Megan said...

Awwww!! How sweet!!! Those flowers are beautiful!!
Now I really want to go eat at a buffet!! There used to be a reallllly fantastic one near where I live, but they closed it down. So now there are only a couple under-par buffets that I really have no desire to re-visit .:( Your food looks DELICIOUS though!! :)

Mindy said...

Such sweetness!

And the food sounds and looks amazing!

LifeCreatively said...

I love your outfit! You have great style. :)