Sunday, July 25, 2010

Mountain Driving

I've been a bit lapse in posting for the past few days because I traveled to see some friends in Brevard, North Carolina. The drive up over the mountain was beautiful, and I enjoyed getting to spend time with dear friends.

Here is the lake at the Brevard Music Center:

I took a leisurely drive back, stopping wherever I liked to take a few pictures. The main point of interest between Brevard and Greenville is Caesar's Head State Park and the Mountain Bridge Wilderness Area. This is where the Blue Ridge Escarpment ends and South Carolina's Piedmont region begins.

This is the view from Caesar's Head...

...Table Rock and its reservoir are in the distance.

I found this sign amusing:

I'm just curious as to WHY you would want to cross the fence when the next thing you encounter is a 2000 foot drop off...

Raven Cliff Mountain:

The Dismal Forest (what an odd name!) streches out below Caesar's Head:

A little further down the road, I stopped at Bald Rock. Here is the view from the top...

...and on the way home.


Mandy [Mandy's Yellow Corner] said...

So pretty! I miss the greenness of the southeast so much.

Hehe, and I love the sign. But I totally know who would want to pass it. . . David. *sigh*

Clare B said...

These pictures are beautiful Em. Especially love the views from teh top. I'm also missing wide-open space and green at the moment.