Sunday, October 24, 2010

Sunday Poem

I've been meaning to share this poem with you guys for a long time now, and I thought I would do so on this late Sunday evening.

A friend of mine from Silver Bay shared this at Vespers one night, and she passed a copy along to me.


If thou couldst empty all thyself of self,
Like to a shell dishabited,
Then might He find thee on the Ocean shelf,
And say, "This is not dead,"
And fill thee with Himself instead.

But thou art replete with very thou,
And Hast such shrewd activity,
That, when He comes, He says, "This is enow unto itself,
'Twere better let it be:
It is so small and full; there is no room for Me."

T.E. Browne

I think this poem is just a gentle reminder to empty ourselves of selfishness and self-centeredness and always leave room for God's will and word in our lives. I, personally, am often focused on my immediate needs and wants, and I have to slow down and focus on what God has to say!

Hope you all have a wonderful start to the week!


Watkins35 said...

great poem & sentiment Em, thanks for sharing it. Hope you have a fab week too. x

Mandy [Mandipidy] said...

This is beautiful! Thanks for sharing :]

Chloe said...

This poem is on our fridge as a reminder, and it always is a welcome wake-up call to me. I am so glad you shared it :)