Sunday, June 12, 2011

Ocean Isle Beach

The week after graduation, Daniel and I headed with his aunt and uncle to their beach house in Ocean Isle Beach, North Carolina. It was an absolutely glorious week of swimming, reading, eating, and being completely lazy.

The view from the beach house was amazing.

Daniel's aunt and uncle brought along their two dogs, Chap and Toto.

We ate extremely well at the beach. Daniel often likes to play with his food and was creepin' me out a bit one morning with his talking grapefruit.

One night we had burgers, grilled corn, hand-battered shrimp, and homemade blueberry pie for dinner! During the week, we also made coffee cake, strawberry shortcakes, pasta, poppyseed chicken, and a chocolate pie.

We went putt-putting, and we both got several hole in ones.

I was also introduced to crabbing. I was skeptical. I told Daniel that he was getting punched if I got pinched by a crab. Alas, we caught nothing. But I did stand in the water with a chunk of meat hanging from my string.

After crabbing, we went over to Sunset Beach to visit my great aunt, where we had a yummy low country boil. I was also basically hazed during this visit. I was forced to dump a live crab into boiling water. And the poor bugger fought back.

This was the view for dinner.

It was a fantastic week! I got to unwind from the stress of the semester, and of course I loved spending a whole week with Daniel!

News: Daniel is moving to Columbia, South Carolina in July! That's only an hour and a half away! Yay!


Sarah B. said...

That sounds like a lovely, much needed vacation for you! The views are amazing and the food looks delicious :)

Emily Spada said...

I love the beach pictures! I could go for some seafood right now...

Clare B said...

The beach looks so lovely, beautiful place to spend a week after all the excitment of graduation.

cb said...

what a really fun weekend! i have never gone crabbing like that before! we usually sit on the dock and lower a big cage down with some grub on it. we took a few crabs home that time, it was fun! glad you didn't get pinched!!


Mandy [Mandipidy] said...

lol... that cracks me up that he plays with his food :) Looks like an amazing time!

Mandy [Mandipidy] said...

And YAY for him moving to the south!!!

Mindy said...

Yay that Daniel is moving! Wonderful news!

wcuwebct said...

And Columbia is just 3 hours from Sunset and Ocean Isle, so maybe you'll come back.