Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Oh hello, December.

Whew, I survived to the end of school and got my 2322843 papers written.

Writing papers for me is like pulling teeth. It was not fun times.

Anyhow, they're done, and I'm loving Christmas break and all of my holiday gigs! I just got back from a weekend of playing with the Symphony Orchestra Augusta in Augusta, Georgia. I made some new friends, and we enjoyed playing our holiday pops concert!

My stand partner and I decided to turn bowties into headbands. :)

I'll have to tell you about the guy in the picture above a little later... ;)

Now. In case you haven't heard - Mandy over at Mandipidy is hosting a whole day of giveaway goodness for her birthday! Happy Birthday Mandy!

You can win lovely items from 17 different shops including Emerging Em!

Go check it out!


Mandy [Mandipidy] said...

I want to hear about him ;]

And thanks for the shout out!

Watkins35 said...

great photos Em, looks like fun! thanks for the lovely comments you left on my 1st Chicago post. x

Mindy said...

I'm a new follower--found you through Mandipidy. ;-)

I LOVE a good story, and can't wait to hear about "the guy in the picture."

Erin said...

I love the bow tie headbands. Great idea.